As we have already said an effective website design requires a good analysis of needs. Such analysis provides answers for the most essential questions regarding issues, such as:

- proper graphics design,
- adequate copywriting,
- appropriate software,
- required search engine optimization.

Having these answers at disposal we are able to design an effective as well as good-looking website quickly.
Concentrated on external appearance and faultless work of our website we cannot forget about its usability. Needs Analysis helps to define all of the necessary functions. There are a few functions that are considered as universal for each type of a website:

- banner height,
- global navigation,
- local navigation,
- breadcrumb trail, it helps to navigate in a complex structure of the website.It is especially recommended for website with many subpages, where visitor may get lost.
- friendly addresses of subpages; friendly links helps to remember the addresses and make visitors more likely to return to the website or recommend it, moreover they also help in proper positioning of the website.
- look in various Internet browsers, the web ought to display properly in various types of Internet browsers. Otherwise, the visitor may get an impression of a badly created website or abandoned one.

Before ordering a website consult your web design company and discuss the project with all the details. Something that you think you need may occur to be an unnecessary expense and something that your web really need may be completely forgotten. Don’t let it happen!


Designing a website is not an easy task to do. Contacting Web Design Company we ought to know answers for many difficult questions, such as:
- defining target audience,
- planning effective website tree, which will cover all necessary subpages or products pages,
- issues regarding graphics design and colour scheme,
- website’s content.

Often it occurs that we are unable to answer all these questions at once and for this reason Needs Analysis is highly recommended. Including numbers of properly asked questions the Analysis is to recognize and define not only our expectations towards the future website but also our needs which the website ought to fulfill.

Well-prepared and carried out by professionals the Analysis is an essential tool providing information necessary in successful web design process. As well as clearly defining customers’ expectations and needs the Analysis plays a crucial part in defining the range and type of required services. In the same time it also helps to plan all the works and define realization time accurately.

Being aware of “what we really need” we can provide the Company with all the necessary information and get the website that will meet our needs and expectations.

Next time we will give you some more details referring to good Needs Analysis as well as the way one can be effectively carried out.

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